Is My Pet Mad @ Me?

September 3, 2015

Have you ever had to make a hard decision regarding your pet and you wondered if they resented or felt abandoned by you?

These furry creatures are among the most intimate relationships we have. Their unconditional love can fill us with immense satisfaction and closeness. For as much as they give to us, we strive to be their caring protectors.


But situations inevitably arise that force us to say goodbye to these faithful friends. This loss can be just as painful as the loss of a person, and it deserves proper grieving time.


Whether it happens because of custody, relocation, illness or death, these separations can make us wonder if they understood why we had to leave, or why it made sense to put them down. Several of you have come to me for sessions regarding this.


My goal for this article is to do two things:


1. Relieve you of any shame, panic or fear that exists regarding your pet.

2. Remind you of something extraordinarily simple and healing.


Animals do NOT have the ability to judge us!


They are incapable of holding a grudge or harboring ill will. When a soul connection is made with our pets, it's unbreakable. In fact, childhood pets often come through in a session to remind us that they have never left our side.


They enter our lives knowing the "higher purpose" of joining and then leaving us. To them, it's an honor to stay connected through time and space. They appreciate our human evolution and are there to nurture us.


I believe our pets also serve a major function. They teach us how to forgive ourselves. If they never judged us, then why should we punish ourselves? Let go and let them take care of you!


Until next time,


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