What Current Events Mean to YOU!

January 13, 2015

When we turn on the TV and absorb information online, it's easy to become affected by international (and even local) events.

If you find yourself triggered, frozen, outraged, or maybe even intrigued by the global movements happening right now, realize that you are meant to be stirred!


  1. You are here for a reason.
  2. We each have a part to play.
  3. Would you like to know your role?


Some of you asked me to share my views on the recent killings in France. Others wanted my insight into the missing Malaysia Flight 370.

I've chosen not to blog or publicly discuss these situations because they do not have the same meaning and impact for all of us. There are many factors at play.

The message about "what's happening" is different for each of us, and the actions we're meant to take are highly individualized. If you want to learn what that means for you, it would be my pleasure to help you discover it.


It's important that we do not hide from the tragedy of the news or ignore it. It's also crucial that we do not obsess or allow it to occupy too much thought.

What do you need to have a healthy relationship with the news?

That question is a life-changer for some! If you're called to explore how this ties in with your mission and personalized healing journey, let's go there together. We can talk in-person or over the phone.


Until next time,


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