2017 Ready or Not: Your Character Will Be Revealed

December 16, 2016
Chances are you have been preparing for THIS YEAR your entire life.
All those classes, books, sessions, and life lessons have instructed you to self-reflect and practice self-care. You're now able to go inside and search for answers on how to evolve your purpose.
But guess what? In 2017, everything is flipped.
What once was up is now down. This year, it's of prime importance that you look up from your navel and engage with others.
What if I told you that next year, your character will be revealed by those whom you meet?
It's true. These people will help you find your blind spots, flaws, weaknesses, and those errors in judgment that have kept you ineffective. Welcome this and see the gift in it because there simply is nowhere to hide. Your teacher is in every face you see.
For those of you who are ready to be useful in 2017, this is your mission. You know how to turn inward. Now, you must offer help, be of assistance, or aid in the fulfillment of a need, or the furtherance of an effort.
Let this be the year that you finally understand that when you are defensive, when you take things personally, and when you have intolerance to certain kinds of people, there is an instantaneous separation.    
Be ready to humbly sit with the reflections of others as they share with you. Stand apart from your emotional reactions, hurts, and slights by looking at the assumptions you are making. It's time to reconcile all those years of self-reflection and become immersed in the wisdom of those around you.
What if the words "being of service" actually means that we are not the center of the universe? What would happen if we took ourselves less seriously this year? I am excited about the possibilities. Aren't you?
Until next time, 


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