This Valentine's Day

February 12, 2016
The next few days can be filled with expectation. You may tell yourself "I don't expect anything" but it's not that simple. Saying you don't expect something is, in its own right, having an expectation. Funny how that works.


This Valentine's Day, would you like to avoid setting up yourself (and your beloved) for disappointment?


In my home is a large wooden picture on the wall with the definition of love. You can't miss it. In fact, people often look at me and say, "Really? Why is that so big?" Because I believe LOVE is the entire reason we are here on Earth. This picture serves as a guide post or self-check tool. Every time it catches my attention, I ask, "What can be done today in the name of love?" 
LOVE (l~uv) Synonyms: adore, cherish, admire
1. To like something very much. 2. A profound feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection for a person, place or ideal. 3. A person towards whom love is felt; beloved person, darling, sweetheart.
Sometimes, I can love the whole world. Other times, all I can do is remind myself that I am my own beloved person, darling, sweetheart. That is usually enough to make my fixed ideas about love instantly disappear. I remember that we're all loving each other the best we know how.
This Valentine's Day, love yourself the best you can. Grab someone you cherish, maybe a sweetheart, neighbor, your kid, or even a coworker. Let them see how much you admire them and value your time with them.


Maybe this is your year for a mind-blowing Valentine's OR maybe you get to tell someone that you like them very much, and that will be enough. 
Until next time, 

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