How to Have a Good Death: A Medium's Perspective

May 28, 2017
This is the most important topic I have ever shared with you. Why? Because it anchors all of the other topics. Living a full life requires getting a handle on our memories.
Love is crucial to life; however, our memories are life relived. The feedback loop of memories can either contribute to our well-being on the other side or cause us pain. Both options are played out in our future lives. As a medium, I want you to know what I know about this.
We stay unconsciously connected to those in the afterlife. Your loved ones continue to form new memories with you even after they've gone. When you are re-joined with them, your ups, downs, and travels will have been experienced by them, as well. Keep photos visible. Talk with (and about) your loved ones on a regular basis.This will keep their spirit connected to yours eternally.
Memories can be tied to cliché quotes like, "Today's moments are tomorrow memories." When words become trite, we check out and they lose their meaning. I urge you not to discount these sayings, and here's why.
Every day, someone is having a memory of you. Some of those memories are strong enough to be retained in your soul. This could be an uncomfortable realization because a memory could originate from abuse, addiction, phobias, or even war. There are spiritual practices that can clear harmful memories and enhance positive ones. Understanding this can change the way we interact with each other.
There are many options for healing past memories. Nearly every spiritual practice talks about forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn't mean you're saying what they did was okay. It's about releasing the negative memories, so that you are not haunted by them. It's about you taking back your power.
Dissolving negative memories from a spiritual perspective simply says, "I now release this event in my life, and my soul will no longer remember this. I am free to move ahead."
The journey of the soul is complex. In truth, we know little about it. What I do know is that positive, loving memories are sustained over lifetimes. I have seen it firsthand. When trauma is released, it is gone forever. We are not condemned to feel the pain and burden of past memories in this lifetime or any other.
Forgiving ourselves, each other, and those in history who have contributed to our pain is vital to breaking unhealthy patterns. If I can help, please reach out to me. I would be glad to walk with you.



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