Spiritual Preparation for the Eclipse

August 15, 2017
The pressure of this "once in a lifetime" event can be daunting. It seems important, and it certainly is to millions of people who will flock to Oregon and other viewing spots nationwide. 

Responses to this special event vary from indifference to elation, but if you're an empath, it's crucial to prepare yourself "spiritually" for this total solar eclipse. 


Start by writing down what you think the eclipse means. Look at your words and say them out loud. Keep this between you and Spirit because it's meant to be personal. Hearing this inner voice is the first place to start. 


Empaths may be experiencing a "drain" as well as a "psychic buzz." This has been happening for a while and will continue for several days after the eclipse. You may have limited success with blocking or shielding. Please recognize that breathing, grounding, and "reality checks" are important. 


This is not the time to lean in and let go. It's time to ground and be the observer. Stay clear-headed and sober. Feel your feet on the ground, and as tempting as it may be to float off, keep yourself tethered to grounded individuals. Basically, I am saying empaths will need a handler or a support person, so plan for it. 

Being sober, staying alert, and having a handler may not sound like fun. However, if you get overwhelmed you will miss the spiritual benefits completely. The best gift you can give yourself is to prepare and know your limits. ODOT has been preparing us for weeks. Now, it's time to take the same precautions with your spiritual health.


Not everyone is an empath, but many of you know someone who is. This is a tricky time for them. They may not understand what they're feeling. Your support will be appreciated because the empath in your life may be having a hard time sleeping, thinking clearly, or functioning at full capacity. 


Disorientation has already started for many, and it could last several weeks after the eclipse. Let the little things slide and have patience. This might be all the support an empath needs to relax and enjoy this special event with you. 

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