Why Friends Matter... More Than Ever

September 15, 2017

Our days are typically consumed with work and time with family, but have you considered how these areas of life could be enhanced by your friendships? 
Here's a way to get clear about the role of a good friend and to strengthen your eternal bond with them: 
1.The "soul mate" you may be seeking might be found in a deep and lasting friendship, not in a romantic partnership. Most people overlook this possibility, or they allow friendships to dissolve after finding their significant other. Having a best friend and/or soul mate who is not your partner works wonders for some couples. 

2. Both your friend and partner can be your soul mates. There's no need to pick one. If these relationships are healthy, they can support each other. It's crucial to find a friend who recognizes why you've chosen your partner and will stick with you through the ups and downs. We all need to vent sometimes, and a good friend won't use that information against you.   
3. Unhealthy friendships interfere with couples because they see each other as competition. This dynamic gets played out in movies and TV shows where the spouse and best friend are always at war. Healthy friendships provide a safe place to be heard, loved, and supported in your commitments to others.  

During sessions, I sometimes have the chance to reunite friends who are separated by death. It's wonderful to watch them pick up where they left off. The joy, humor, and silliness they shared together will light up my office. 
A friend who has crossed over can still support you because they intimately understand your quirks, desires, and secrets. Friendships survive death, and they can provide unconditional love when you need it most.
I try to imagine who will greet me on the other side. I also think about who I would like to know forever. I remember writing BFF on notes as a teen. Did you do that too? When friends reunite in a reading, it's like time has stopped, and only the good memories they shared together remain. 
As adults, it can be awkward to make new connections or go deeper with the ones you already have. I get that, and I want to help you. Why? Because the quality of your friendships matters to all of us.  
Humanity cannot afford to continue in this vain, and I am certain that strong friendships are the key to rectifying this global disaster we are facing. Friendships are an act of faith and hope in humanity. 
With each true friend, you are saying "I am here, and we are in this together." It's isolation that brings the most pain. Grab your friend's hand and don't let it go! 
As always, I am here to support you.


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