Preparing for your Session with Suzi

It is asked that you...
  1. Come with an open heart and mind.
  2. Set your intention for a healing and be ready to receive blessings from Spirit on the day of your session.
  3. Take a few minutes of quiet time with your Higher Self and Higher Power before your session.

When you set the appointment, please do not reveal any details of what you are seeking. Suzi will address your concerns in the session, however; it is best that you listen to what Spirit has in mind for you first. This also allows Suzi to maintain a clear channel and receive information that you may need beyond your requests.


We invite you to peruse the website Testimonial Page, which is a great way to see how Suzi has helped others in their sessions and how diverse and individualized the sessions are. Keep in mind that what you are expecting from a session and what Spirit wants for your session are not always the same. Know that you are receiving that which you are meant to receive on this day.


If you still have general questions after reviewing the entire website, you may Contact Us, though we encourage you to take a leap of faith, relax and let Spirit guide your session. Most importantly, trust your own intuition and spiritual guidance.

NOTE: When you arrive, the hospitality room will be waiting for you. This space is for you to get settled in before the session begins. Please leave your family and friends in the lobby at the front of the building. 




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8885 SW Canyon Rd., Suite 117 Portland, OR 97225

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Office Location

8885 SW Canyon Rd., Suite 117
Portland, OR 97225

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