Your Missing Link

December 11, 2018
Look at the words below. Which of these statements offer insight into how you're feeling at the moment, or how you've felt much of your life? Choose one that resonates most: 
"Bitterness shows where you need to heal, where you're still holding judgment on others and yourself. 
Resentment shows you where you were living in the past and not allowing the present to be as it is. 
Discomfort sho...   read more

The Truth Will Set You Free

September 12, 2018

Have you heard the quote, "The truth comes out in the end, and the truth will set you free?" 
Think of a situation that you've been anxious about lately. 
Have you been unfairly treated by someone? 
Have you been attacked for stating your beliefs?
Have you been misunderstood? 
Do you see what's going on, but no one is believing you?  
You don't need to justify or explain yourself. The truth ...   read more

It Feels Good to Vent

July 13, 2018

It feels good to vent, doesn't it? But have you ever felt angrier after venting or felt drained after someone vented about their issues?
Let's talk about healthy venting and how to achieve it.
All of us need to be heard, and sometimes, we need to speak out loud when we are scared, confused, angry, or upset. This can be a tremendous release of emotional energy and bonding.
With that said, it helps to realize that when ...   read more

Find Patience with Your People

June 4, 2018

Which of these situations applies to you?
SITUATION A:  You feel frustrated by people in your life who lack productivity and motivation. You try creative approaches to help, and when those solutions don't work, you get upset. That's when you lose patience and feel ashamed at the way you handled yourself. 
This means you are internally motivated. 
SITUATION B:  You wonder why you aren't more ...   read more

Your Gut Is Not Psychic

April 29, 2018

Have you trusted your gut, and it let you down?
 Do you want to access your intuition and know it's real?
We are surrounded by inspiration that tells us to listen to ourselves, trust our gut instincts, and speak our truth. Yet, many of you have shared how disappointed you've felt when your intuition didn't warn you, stop you, or arise when you needed it most. You wondered if you were somehow unworthy of receiving ...   read more

You Are Enough

April 14, 2018

Imagine falling asleep each night with the certainty that you did enough, you were enough, and you ARE enough.  
Think about the weight that would lift from your heart. Consider how your confidence would be boosted. Notice how it feels to give yourself a break from regret, improvement, guilt, and perfection. 
Would you like to access this lasting sense of peace? First, you must give it to others. 
If ...   read more

Make the Most of This Moment

March 2, 2018
While getting a haircut recently, my hairdresser mentioned how exhausting it's been to hear clients rage about politics. Because she has a service to perform, she's chosen to silence her opinions. She adds, "Clients won't even ask how I feel. They just assume I agree with them." 
It's a heated time in our country, and no one can deny there's tension in the air. Many of you have asked how to take better care of yourself. ...   read more

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