Healing from religious institutions and communities

I offer healing from abusive situations that occurred within religious institutions and communities, and from experiences with cult /spiritual leaders or teachers.


If the following situations resonate with you, it may be time to reconcile and make peace with your past. 


Spiritual leaders: Have things ended badly between you and a spiritual teacher? When a strong bond has been established, it’s important to have closure. Maybe you were not able to come to a resolution with this person, and you want to make sense of what happened? Are you a survivor of sexual abuse? 


Lost family or community: Was there a harsh and punishing God represented in your home as you grew up? Have you been plagued by memories of shame and negativity about who you are as a person?


Are you estranged from your family or spiritual community because of your spiritual beliefs and/or because you identify as LGBTQ?  If so, please understand that the consequences of this betrayal can last a lifetime.


With support and understanding, you can heal from spiritual trauma. You can move on from the shame that was heaped upon you, and you can gain the freedom needed to define for yourself what a healthy spiritual life looks like to you.



Appointment Options

New Client Session with Suzi


In Person Session:  $160.00

Phone Session: $100.00


Follow-Up Sessions

If you have already had a session with Suzi and would like follow-up support.


Follow-Up In Person Session: $120.00


Follow-Up Phone Session: $75.00


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Psychic Medium and Counseling Services

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