Channeling those who have died is miraculous

When a loved one is recognized, the joy is truly unmatched. Contact has been made, and this is far beyond our understanding. What I do know is that our brains have a hard time compartmentalizing this. You're invited to just let it be and have faith in what's unfolding. 


This meeting has the potential of impacting both parties for many lifetimes to come. What comes through is important and more meaningful than we can possibly understand. When it happens, I am right in the moment with you as the observer and witness to this miraculous connection.


Honestly, I don't want to know why or how this happens. I am content to stay in the beauty and mystery of these experiences. For me, there is a deep reverence that this is even possible. I do believe there are reasons why some souls come through and others may not. It could be a matter of timing or something more complicated. There are many variables and I would be amiss to suggest otherwise.


Is love eternal? You bet it is, and our personalities are, too. For example, if you have a chatty aunt, then she will most likely be chatty with me. Was Grandma quiet and reserved? Chances are she will communicate in the same fashion from the other side.  


Relationships that are sustained over many lifetimes have their own energy imprint. These connections can be traced throughout time and recognized by the incredible impact they have on our lives. “The peace that surpasses all understanding” may just be in the recognition that our journeys together will indeed continue, all in perfect time.




Death of Child


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