Would you like some help understanding your psychic, mediumship or emphatic gifts?


Have you been haunted by your ability to sense, know, and see things? Does it affect your sleep and anxiety level? Do you sometimes wonder if you're crazy? You are not alone.


As a mentor to youth, and adults, I can become your anchor of support. You'll have a place to talk about your unique experiences and find your footing around the abilities you are developing. Allow me to help you discover how and why this is happening to you. If you have questions and concerns, it's important to get immediate support.


I can work in tandem with any therapists or doctors you may be seeing. This will help you grow your understanding of what's happening spiritually, so you can gain freedom to be who you were created to be. If you've been researching your abilities online, reading books, or doing group workshops, these could easily become overwhelming.


Psychic schools and certifications are widely available online, but a more personalized approach may be a better fit for you. Book a one-on-one session with me and let's start finding the peace and strengths of your gifts.

Appointment Options

New Client Session with Suzi


In Person Session:  $160.00

Phone Session: $100.00


Follow-Up Sessions

If you have already had a session with Suzi and would like follow-up support.


Follow-Up In Person Session: $120.00


Follow-Up Phone Session: $75.00


Gift Certificates

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Psychic Medium and Counseling Services

Would you like to work with Suzi on any of these topics? Click on the links below to learn more about her services.


Medium   |   Mentoring   |  Past Life ReadingsIntuitive (Psychic) Counseling   |   Psychic Communication w/Pets

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