Psychic communication with pets

If you are reading this, then you likely have a bond with your pet. They play an important part in your well-being. Our time with them offers acceptance and understanding, and because they are somewhat predictable, they become our trusted companions. They are healers, and it’s our responsibility to care for them.


Your beloved companion does not care about your looks, your bank account, or anything else that might be seen as judgmental. We can be ourselves with them because they don't look at us in a humanly way.


Do you want to know how a psychic communicates with pets? Let’s start with the word Anthropomorphism. This is when we place human traits, emotions, and intentions onto non-humans. Anthropomorphism has its place, but it won’t help you communicate with your pets like a psychic does. We don't attribute human emotions or intentions to your pet because we hear them differently. We may translate the message to you in “human” language, but it’s not how they communicate to us.


Because your pets are not limited to what we perceive as reality, they are free to explore outside the realm of human emotions and thinking. For instance, cats are shape-shifters. They see, hear, and smell while sensing things you cannot. They can see through walls and energetically walk through them. This is all in a day’s work for a cat.


Dogs have a sensory perception that is undeniably accurate. This information is different than human thinking and reasoning. If the dog gets a warning signal, we tend to trust the dog. How many of you have said, "If my dog doesn’t like you, neither do I." Dogs can give information that validates what you were thinking all along, “I never trusted that guy.” From your human perspective, you might read more into this, but it was simply a warning from your furry companion. 

Pets are very good at telepathy, psychic communication, and body language and because they are equipped to “read” the world without the burden and complication of human emotions/thinking. If learning more about this sounds interesting to you, book a session, and let's connect with your pets.


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