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Before our online testimonials were possible, Suzi received hundreds of handwritten letters from clients. We've typed some of these for you to enjoy and discover how individual sessions have touched the lives of our clients.




“Today – Wow! Relief – Enlightenment – Hope – more relief! Thankful.” RayeAnn H.


“My experience was very unknown. I like to find out. More.” Jeff E.


“This was a very fulfilling session and I believe I now have several tools to work with for my growth and progress and opening to messages.” Shauna B.


“Thank you Suzi. I am so grateful for your session today. I am very excited to work with you. My session was exactly what I had hoped for. I look forward to our connection going forward. Blessings!” Kerri D.


“Lightness – 0 worries. OMG – you mean “Just be Happy” – How that always drove me crazy to hear – not so much now. Thanksgiving - Blessings” Barbara G.


“It was like that the person in my relationship was addressed and the way he was described. And also the Irish connection and the freedom to have “fun” in my life.” Laurie D.


“I had huge confusion and struggle in my mind toward all those happening in my life right now. This was my mental state when I sat with Suzi in this room to start a session with her. After the session to my amazement, I didn’t tell her anything but she showed me the whole big picture of why things are happening right now the way they are and why. Also how I can make things better. I’m so grateful and feel so much easier. Thank U Suzi.” Takashi Y.


“Today’s session was inspiring and brought me comfort. I am thankful to have learned what I have and hope to grow from it.” Kerri H.


“Our session met and exceeded my expectations. I felt like you were talking directly with and to my soul. Even the words you used were straight out of what I had been hearing and needed validated. Thank you so much for taking the time and even re-arranging your day. This time w/you is exactly what I needed. I look forward to seeing you again soon in one of your groups or another session. Thank you so much.” Alycia T.


“Fantastic experience. Thank U for redirection and clarity. It was an honor to have the time, your time.” Chuck T.


“Suzi was able to zero in immediately on all of the opportunities available to me and that I have created. I can and will own my own business and reach my highest good. I have done this before and it is time to do it again. My field of daffodils awaits!” Marci P.


“Bob, sweetheart I love you and I know you are always with me. Thank you and Suzi for bringing your voice to me. I am very appreciative. This was a marvelous experience. I promise to take care of myself and sing my song with you by my side. I will continue my journey and you will continue yours. Thank you.” Sonya B.


“Thank you for the healing reading. You helped to make a difference in my life.” Aila M.


“Thank you for my healing Suzi. Yes…very helpful.” Jeanney M.


“What a great experience. Thank you. I’ll find the sun and look for the “white” horse. I’ll stretch my giraffe neck and reach for the book you recommended!” Elaine R.


“We worked on releasing OLD OLD information on not being good enough (Mom stuff). Time for major shift of energy.  Being reborn = new shift power animals.” Wesley M.


“My experience felt very authentic with Suzi. She is very comfortable to interact with and has a wonderful oral ability to help you understand your path. Suzi works from a very high vibrational place.” Dash E.


“A direct connection to the spirit realm in a playful, yet honoring environment. Feel gifted with an Empowerment that is vibrant, touching and deep. Thank you Suzi!” Meleea M.


“My experience was very calming and enlightening. I feel that after my session and even within the first five minutes any doubt has left my mind.  Thank you for being so genuine and caring and amazingly touching on so many topics I needed to face.” Mariel A.


“A very pleasurable experience.  I feel relief of decisions I want to make without guilt, and I know I will make the right decision and follow and listen to my thoughts.” Montee A.


“Words cannot express how grateful I am to Suzi for her guides and my family spirits for making this hour one of the most profound experiences of my life.  The messages of love and support that came to me truly filled my heart up with pure joy. Suzi, your gift is a rare blessing. One need only look deeply in your eyes to know that you are the “real deal”. Thank you for guiding me with your tender and compassionate soul!” Jill C.


“I am reminded by spirit to stay connected to my higher self. Time is precious and my life is in perfect balance between work, family and friends. I am connected to spirit with the earth. I give gratitude for the earth’s bounty and all my needs are met. Thank you spirit - and so it is.”  Eve D.


“My reading with Suzi was amazing. I came in needing to hear from my deceased brothers and they came through with their great sense of humor and fun loving spirit. I know they want me to live a life of intense joy!  I love you guys!” Mary W.


-          “Knowing that I have aligned myself on my path.

-          Recognizing I do have spiritual gifts and healing in my hands.

-          Knowing that everything shifts from today forward.

-          Cutting cords – energetic.

-          Be willing to receive.

-          Standing in my higher self and viewing others in their higher self.

-          Start interviewing work will be there – but there will be shifts.”  Kristine B.


“Great experience – Suzi was right on – very kind, helpful, explained things and did not push.  Felt connected to her – understood things better.  Felt at peace when leaving – had info to walk and move forward.” Kim P.


“I’m not quite sure what to write…I still feel like I am blocked and not COMPLETELY allowing myself to fully see what I need to do. I am going to send out gratitude and see what comes to me.” Janice P.


“Great insight on my true calling; helped to re-affirm thoughts that I have had regarding career choices. Also opened my eyes to other forms of communication and connections you can have with people.” Anna P.


“I learned that I’m on the right path. That the growth I feel is correct.” Emma N.


“Thank you Suzi, for helping me today.  Lot of what you said made sense and provided me with some direction going forward. It also provided inspiration to do something better with my life. Thank you again and hope to see you again! Take care,” Ajit N.


“I can see I’m on the right path. Spirit had me stop by for reason of meeting you so I could understand what is needed next. Thank you for the beautiful gifts.” Bryce M.


“Suzi, this was a very awesome session – It makes me feel like I want to be more “aware” most of the time, rather than a small amount of time out of the week. It’s a lot like changing a lifestyle which I want to work on.  The everyday world is hard for me to deal with. Maybe that is why I am so inward. Thank you!” Nancy H.


“I feel lighter and lifted to a loving, joyful place. A freedom to truly listen to my inner voice and smile and be grateful. Thank you. In peace and love,” Trisha G.


01/24/09 “Suzi opened me up to a world of possibilities, mostly to trust in and follow my intuition. That if I follow my divine guidance everything I need to know will be shown to me. That I must connect w/nature and allow the love of my spirits to wrap me up and cover me w;/their love like a blanket. Thank you Suzi, I am truly grateful for your guidance!” Debbie M.


04/17/09 “Finally heard everything that I’ve been waiting and knew I needed to hear about myself. I feel freedom knowing that healing has started. I can connect into my energy. I am thankful that the support will always be around me.”

Stephanie L.


05/07/09 “Thank you for confirming that the state of peace I seek is at my disposal right now.” Frank V.


10/04/08 Suzi took me on an amazing journey through past life regression were I was able to invite her to see through my eyes, hear with my ears, feel with my heart and touch my mind revealing a wound, really a false belief that has haunted me for a very long time. Through the wisdom of her guides I was able to understand how to time travel myself and heal this wound, sending loving energy back to the true person channeling. Wow! My uncle came through letting me know he was with my son.” Ursula A.


11/01/08 It was a relieving, confirmational experience. To know and speak with someone who has and continues to work on another level. High Energy. Emotional, Fun. Channeling and being in an outer body place. To see spirits and guardians. To see your older woman, and dragon was an eye opener. Thank you!! for my Healing!!” Sean M.


09/12/08  “I was amazed on all the detail I was given in regards to my situation. It helped me to realize how to face certain situations and what I needed to do in my relationships!” Becca G.




Wonderful insight to the situation. A pleasure to talk with.” Debbie D.


“It was very good and helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Hope to see you later in life.” Debra K.


Suzi’s reading was amazing! I really mean that. I would highly recommend anyone who wants a true reading to visit Suzi. What I really like is that you don’t tell her anything. She tells you. I will be visiting Suzi for many more sessions to better learn.” Saffron G.


“Mom has released me from being responsible for my brother and the situation at the home – it is no longer my burden. I know it was really my mom coming through when she said she was “sorry.”  Cindy S.




She really helped me find out where I was supposed to lead myself. I have to learn to love myself and I could see that in her eyes.” Kathryn P.


This was a very deep journey that I feel will help me a lot.  Great experience.  It has helped me realize the changes I need to be making in my life now. Thank you.”  Aniko C.


“I was surprised when I was drawn into the circle. But now I know why. It was to bring my friend here for a reading.“ Barb H.


09/13/08 “Often people know when they need to hear the words that they are feeling. When you come openly to Suzi you will be connected in truth of your authentic life. The messages you receive through Suzi are truly pure and informative. The experience is a gift.” Toni O.

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