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Before our online testimonials were possible, Suzi received hundreds of handwritten letters from clients. We've typed some of these for you to enjoy and discover how individual sessions have touched the lives of our clients.


January 2009 “I was scared, skeptical, and pleased throughout this experience. My original intent and my ultimate experience were a very enjoyable walk down a path…I feel better and more aware of things I couldn’t quite understand.”  Kelly M.


01/24/09 “Suzi surprised me by giving me a healing on what I needed as opposed to what I thought I wanted. She gave me a clear understanding on what I was going through and opened me up to truly see what was really holding me back and she gave me the ability to leave her office able to breath again. God bless you Suzi!”  Judy F.


01/07/09 "A very pleasant experience. Suzi is very welcoming and open. I would encourage anyone who is curious about their spiritual self to consider a reading." Cassandra G.


“This reading confirmed a lot of ideas that I have had recently that otherwise may have seemed unimportant or even strange. My experience was very pleasant and it was nice to hear supportive information about myself and my beliefs.”

Anthony B.


02/27/09 “The energy was very nice and honest. I appreciated the integrity of the reading.” Fran A.


03/07/09 “A wonderful experience. I was able to find the peace and guidance that I was searching for. Suzi is such a sweet lady. I hope to see her again soon.” Maria K.


"Very real. Back on the right track now. Thank you!!" Ani A.


“This was a wonderful meeting and thank you for helping me understand my voice.” Jessica D.


“Our meeting today has been a wonderful and eye opening experience. What was said by Suzi was really what I needed to hear. And the revelations regarding children really hit home for me! I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey and know that I will someday reach my joyful place here in this world.” Anna M.


04/03/09 Thanks Suzi, for your allowing the insights today.  It’s time to be more open for me, and to continue the medication.” Larry N.


04/24/09 “It was great. I was skeptical at first, but she really knew what was happening. Thanks for the healing.” Jacob D.


04/03/09 This was very helpful for me and super enjoyable. It was helpful bc as a first time experience.  It aligned some concepts that were pinging around in my head. Enjoyable bc it was light and easy for me!” Ed W.




Reaffirming that I have a greater life’s purpose to lead and organize and promote like-minded people. To educate and encourage others into personal awareness, mindfulness and healing. To show people our inner divinity.” Shannon L.


Experience during session was informative, clear and enlightening.” Dave D.


04/17/09 “Love it, Love you. Thank you for bringing me to balance and validating my own feelings and visions as true. I look forward to seeing you often and getting my husband and kids to know your divine beauty. I feel very much healing occurred. Thank you.” Jane D.


Bring into focus purpose of spirit. Communicate instructions for direction and apply to life.”  Chris R.




I am so blessed and so grateful to have had this time today. Suzi’s interpretations were right on and her confirmations of my messengers were very affirming and empowering.” Lu Ann M.


“Release the block in my heart – Ride the Rollercoaster  - with the safety plan in place. Thank you for the healing.”

Kristine M.


 Thank you for confirmation of the path I need to get back on. I hope to focus on this from here forward.” Wendy N.


05/01/09 I was feeling kind of lost, no specific direction to go, even though deep inside I knew where I am going. I needed a little bit of direction and reinforcement about my feelings. Now I feel clear, more secure and much in peace with myself. Thanks so much for the beautiful work.” Mercedes M.


05/07/09  “Today, I feel truly blessed for my spiritual healing and the insightful information about my daughter. I am ready to move forward metaphysically and receive the gift from my daughter and release the gift within myself! Thank you Suzi and wonderful spirits!” Olivia


06/24/09  Excellent session, very intuitive and refreshing.” Shirley M.

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