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Most Powerful Spiritual Affirmation

Lori B. says: My first spiritual affirmation at age 10 was the most important one for me. My experience and opening up with Suzi's guidance was the most powerful. A message she had for me that day, came to fruition the very next day. The greatest affirmation for me is to listen, learn, trust!


My session with Suzi was incredible.

Kathleen says: Her clear and concise knowledge and message that my spirit guides were indeed reaching out to me and trying to send me messages that I was indeed on the correct path was both delightful and powerful at the same time -- I had goose bumps as she was speaking. My experience with Suzi was one of the clearest messages from spirit that I have had in many years. Not only does she tell you what you need to know, but she helps you to unlock certain aspects that you already know on some level, but may not be ready to receive or understand it until you speak with Suzi. She helps you to clarify and tap into your own wisdom and she does it with enthusiasm and love. She was a total delight and I feel so ready to forge ahead 100% with all my goals and ideas.



Eye Opening Experience

Tanya R. says: The appointment was awesome and the information was eye opening. I got to see my patterns that are no longer serving me in a different light.Suzi has a way of delivering information in a easy manner without any judgment. Each time that I see Suzi it's always a learning and growing experience! Thank you!  and again on  7/10/2010 This has been a eye opening experience! Suzi was amazing and supportive every step of the way.


Nothing to Lose   

Michele C. says: Suzi you are fantastic every time and consistently exceeding my expectations. I've been using the new tools and touchstones today and feel so incredibly fortunate to know you. You are so clearly tapped into wisdom that is meant for me at this very moment. You are Amazing and Wonderful!



To those who are not sure about Meeting with Suzi

Tina K. says: With all the mind chatter in our heads, we sometimes wonder if the light bulb that just lit up is a 15 or 100 watt bulb and as time passes by, the idea fades away. Suzi confirmed that my idea was a viable idea and now I feel confident in bringing that idea to fruition. Her trustworthy intuitive insight and honest approach will help lead you in the right direction. Psychic intuitive insight can save you time and re-energize your motivation to reach your goals. I am very grateful for Suzi's help and look forward to meeting with her again.



Untangled Thoughts   

Tak Y. says: If you are not sure about meeting with Suzi, you don't have to. After a session with her you will become sure. You just need to go and sit with her. Listen to what she has to say to you. Things that were in your head giving mental, emotional struggle from small to big issues, she will unlock the door for you to move on and clear the fog in your thoughts and feelings. Maybe it is some information, maybe it is some clue, guide. She will know what you need to know. So once again, go, sit with her and just listen to what she has to say. Thank you, Suzi!



Finding my Soul... 

Alicia P. says: Once again you have been there for me when I've needed you. Can't thank you Suzi, enough. I look forward to a positive outcome.



Giving my Life Purpose

Janet P. says: Suzi is marvelous! I am blessed to have had this session with her. Having been unemployed for over 8 months, I have done a great deal of self-reflection and found myself lacking focus. I am now on track to find this once again - giving my life more purpose and determination to find an avocation. Thank you Universe for sending me to Suzi!


Helped Me Reveal an Incredible Gift

Angelo says: My meeting with Suzi was outstanding. Suzi guided me right to the center of an issue which allowed me to shed light on it and find forgiveness within myself; which now allows me to move foward in my life and better understand myself. Suzi, thank you for helping me to reveal an incredible gift.


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