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Nailed it Dead-On

Deloris D. says: This was my first and real meeting with a person like Suzi, she is very gentle and considerate about one's feelings, she feels your pain and makes it very personal. She was on target with the reading and gave me time to proscess. She did not ask a lot of questions but nailed the problem dead on. Thank you Suzie, and looking forward to my next session with you.



Gaining Clarity   

Kimberly k. says: Nothing will ever prepare you for Suzi. This was the most inspiration, surreal, soulful experience I have ever felt. You may have a lot of answers in your mind to ask Suzi, however she has a way of navigating her gifts to answer your soul, deep within you, to find you again, underneath the world and your questions, she re-introduces you to the "real you." truly amazing, I am in awe of Suzi and her talents and for finding a piece of myself I have missed for so long. Along with that many questions were answered, some which were not even asked. Key: Is to be utterly honest with her and yourself, know you can trust her and let her flow with you; she will help you.



Truly Amazing Session

Kathy S says: Thank you Suzi it was truly an amazing session. I am still trying to take it all in and work on things...I look forward to meeting with you soon..and also try to get to one of your workshops. God Bless you...and thank you! Kathy



Lightening my burden

Dena D. says: I found Suzi to be a warm and compassionate presence, and she made me feel comfortable and welcome right away. She got down to business quickly, and I was impressed with how much territory we covered in one session. We got right to the core of an issue that's been causing me pain for my entire adult life, and I have so much more clarity and understanding around it now. I particularly liked Suzi's approach of empowering me to gain access to my own intuition; she helped me to validate some things I already knew. But she also gave me new information that was so useful. Thanks, Suzi!



Spiritual Experience that went Beyond Words

Aaron B. says: My visit with Suzi was very helpful in seeing some things in my life that need attention. It was a spiritual experience that is difficult to explain in words because it went beyond that. Thanks again, Suzi!



Letting go

Katie S. says: I decided to see Suzi after she gave a friend of mine what I considered some extremely helpful advice. I went with an open mind, and no real questions. Everything that Suzi told me resonated with me so well, it helped give me real clarity and direction as to where I am heading right now. I felt very comfortable with her and I have since recommended her to all of my clients and a few friends who I feel could use a guiding hand.




Arnie b. says: My experience with Suzi was all that I anticipated. I felt so compelled to.carry out wishes for a shamen friend that ended his pain and asked me to oversee his affairs. I was in the process of doing that, had an attorney to representive, then prior appointment  I got word that a sister was going to contest, causing great stress on me. His message to me that it was ok to walk away and not feel guilty lifted so much off of me. Knowing my mom and sisters are there to help me physically on my journey was the icing. Thank you so much for helping me let go.



A Special Gift

Ronda E. says: What an amazing session. Looking forward to another session with you in the near and not so distant future. My time with you was healing and thank you for your gift that you shared with me. It helped me get some clarity and lifted off quilt that I have had. It was affirming to know that I did everything that I could, but it was out of my hands. Thank you Suzi and I do plan to come back soon. Again thank you for your time, talent and your helping with my healing!



Delightful Surprises in Store with every Session

Erin M. says: It was completely amazing to walk into the room, sit down and have every word that came out of Suzi's mouth be completely relevant to the questions that had been running through my mind for the past couple of months. I did not say a word and my questions were addressed and answered. I am often skeptical about people who claim to have been graced with the gift of psychic intuition. However - Suzi is AUTHENTIC, warm and easy to trust. She is humble and careful with her gift. I have the utmost respect for her and am very grateful that our paths crossed.



You Gave Me Hope for My Future 

Dennis R. says: Suzi, I really enjoyed my visit with you. I was amazed at your ability to translate what is currently affecting my life at this time. I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first, but I am truly glad that I came with an open mind and heart. You gave me hope for my future, and I thank you for that.  :)


Stretch those hips! lol

Anisa M. says: I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Suzi. She's so much more than a psychic. She's a powerful healer, who's wise, compassionate, smart, funny, and intuitive. Suzi showed me the love of God, and it's impossible to put into words just how totally amazing that was. I feel my life has finally been changed for the better. I want everyone I know to have a session with her.



Thank you so much

Patty Says: I very much enjoyed my appointment, and would like to schedule another. I would like to learn how to make sure I do not let any bad spirits come into me, and to be better at listening to my spirit guides. The ways in which to have a happy and healthy life. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off from me, since I came in, and fairly well last night, woke up in a better mood, and did not feel the anger that I have been having such a hard time with. Thank you so much. Looking into your eyes was beautiful.



Generous Spirit   

Kathy P. says: Having recently moved from Minnesota to Portland, it was important for me to touch base with my soul and find a spiritual community that resonates with me. Suzi helped me to see where I am at now on my soul's journey, and extended an invitation to a group that she facilitates, as well as suggesting a creative outlet for me with SoulCollage. I feel a huge burden has lifted, and I have found my true home here. I know that I was Divinely guided to Suzi and feel so blessed!



Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Hope

Pat N. says: Suzi has a lovely spirit and she was "right on" about what was happening in my life. She helped me to see things a lot more clearly and gave me great peace of mind. I appreciate the time that she took to listen and to help me understand. I feel much better! Thank you, Suzi, for your kindness and insight.



Great Experience

Christine W. says: I’m very grateful for Suzi’s session with me. Her insight rang true with who I am, how I am feeling, and what is going on in my life. Suzi has given me clarity about my life’s purpose as well as advice and confidence to make necessary changes to get back on my right path. This clarity has brought me peace of mind and hope. It might not sound dramatic, but it was truly life changing for me. I feel lucky to have been led to her.



Amazing Clarity Gained 

Kevin W. says: We recently had a business cleansed by Suzi. I have to say that the space and air feel much less oppressive. The time that she spent with myself and co-worker was phenominal and I feel that the whole experience was fantastic. Thank you to the guides that brought Suzi to us.




Jenifer H. says: I really felt at home and safe with Suzi---a plus, as I have been to many psychic people in my life. She is truly gifted and I feel inspired once again! Olay!



Suzi is a Treasure :)

Nina B. says: I took my teen, and they instantly connected. My daughter's words about Suzi were: "I like her. She connected with me. I trust her." Enough said! She wants to join Suzi's teen group. If you have a teen who is intuitive, this is the right place for them. Suzi's the real deal.--Happy Mom, Portland, OR




Cindy W. says: Suzi is a Beautiful Person and a Treasure. I felt so comfortable in her presence. I found Suzi to be honest, genuine, and straightforward. She is compassionate and empowering. I came into her office so very much wanting to do the right thing with my life, but not knowing what direction to go. Suzi immediately zeroed in on my dilemma and carefully explained to me why one path would enrich my life while the other would continue to destroy me. She helped me to see that I can trust my inner compass. That I am being guided by powerful forces that want to help me. All I need to do is keep working toward my goal and allow it to happen.


Office Location

8885 SW Canyon Rd., Suite 117
Portland, OR 97225


Beyond Words   

Cyndee M. says: 

You never know how spirit will inspire the session, but one thing is always know that you will get what you need in that moment of time out of every session with Suzi! This particular session opened my mind to an incredible way to finally get clear of some childhood issues, while simultaneously becoming closer to my father and advancing my career goals. This is something I had been thinking about strongly over the past several days and Suzi's confirmation and detailed insights expanded my mind even further. Thank you, Suzi. You have been a blessing in my life!



Nancy N. says: 

My experience with Suzi was more than I anticipated. When I walked in, I was angry and disillusioned. Suzi helped me with real clarity and direction where I am heading. Thank you, Suzi.



Jannae P. says: 

Although what I received wasn't what I was expecting, I personally feel MUCH lighter, free from worry about what's happening to me and around me, and definitely more open and trusting of my path. Suzi is an amazing channel for spirit and the session I had with her was truly a life shiftingexperience (in a very good way!!!)


Warm and welcoming   

Karen S. says: 

I had a wonderful exciting experience with Suzi. The first few minutes of the reading proved in my mind that She was really in fact in touch with my Guides. The greatest and most dearest question in my heart was answered without revealing anything. I had a great time laughing and crying (tears of joy). This was indeed a blessing to me. Thank you Suzi for not just the Reading but the follow up information

sent via email.


Thank You 

Erica C. says: 

The special gift I am talking about is the gift of moving on. Leaving your "bags" behind, and stepping out into the world with a new outlook. I don't think anyone but Suzi could provide that insightful present. Thank you kindly, I look forward to further insight in the future.



Monique B. says:

I am very much a skeptic, but I found Suzi to be warm, welcoming, direct and honest. I will defiantly return. Not only is she insightful, but inviting. I very much appreciated y time with her and look forward to my next visit.



Cindy L. says: 

Suzi was fantastic...A friend reccomended her and I thought I would give it a chance. She told me things no one else would know and gave me the clarity I needed to address them! I highly reccomend her....


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