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Guide to a Journey

Ruth Anne V. says: Beautiful, salt of the earth, genuine--I have been on this journey for over a year and she is like a guiding light moving me in the right direction! Suzi's first insights for me made perfect sense! Bulls(animal) and cowboy boots! She thought it a little odd but after checking, we laughed!!! Suzi is amazing! Highly recommended!


OMG! she is great.  

Jo O. says: I took my friend there to see if she can help her and the minute we got in she said there is a man spirit here that wants to talk to you and it was my grandfather that I had taken care of when he was sick. Did not expect that but it was so nice. I have smile on my face all the time now because I miss my grandfather so much and it was nice to hear from him. Suzi helped my friend a lot too. She is GREAT! Thank you, Suzi.


In Tune with Her Gift  

Amy W. says: I have been to mediums in the past and feel that Suzi is so much in tune with her gift. She was so open with discussion regarding her retrieval information. I feel blessed to have shared time with her.


Coming Home  

Darlene S. says: A session with Suzi is always a life-altering experience. My most recent time spent with Suzi was no exception. There is a reason we have when we start reaching out for help; when I visit Suzi, she reminds me to actually look within ;-). Whether it is a 1-1 session, workshop, or conversation, Suzi does more than speak to the person in front of her looking to her for advice or assistance, she speaks to the SOUL sitting in front of her. Her soul speaks to the soul of her clients and students and that is what sets her apart from any other healer. When I've lost my way and feel like something is amiss, a session with Suzi always guides me back home again. Thank you, lovely Suzi. Blessings, Light, and Love for reminding me what I am and all that I can achieve!


My Heart is So Much Lighter   

Jane T. says: I feel blessed to have been led to Suzi. My heart was so much lighter when I left there and so many questions were answered. I plan on returning when led to do so again. Thank you, Suzi!




Norma B. says: I have always been a believer but had never tried anything like this before. From the very beginning she was spot on! she said she felt like she was being interrogated, like she needed to prove to the spirits that she was the real deal which if you knew my husband-that is exactly what he would do! I felt this peace of mind come over me that I had not felt in a long time. Suzie and her assistant are definatly her to help! If you are "thinking" of trying it, I strongly suggest to do it!! You are in great hands with someone that knows what she is doing.



Amazing Experience

Louise S. says: This was my first visit with Suzi and almost immediately she had answers to some of my most troubling concerns. She is compassionate and caring. I'm looking forward to my next visit. She has so much to offer.   



Amazing is too Small a Word
Dee Dee R. says: Suzi is a gifted healer with a huge heart and wisdom. I'm so glad I found her. In an hour she changed my world and opened me to healing and possibilities I never dreamed. I wish for everyone to go see her.



Karen Ziielinski

I didn't want it to end. I wanted more time. What would 90 minutes entail? Do I bring questions? Miss Ron so much it hurts.
October 14, 2012 at 12:34 PM | via Minisite


Over The Top!

Cathy S. says: This was an incredible 1/2 hour for me. After just a few minutes talking with Suzi I felt connected to her and was amazed at how accurate she was with who I am........this was on the telephone....I can't wait to have a face to face appointment .....Thank you for opening my eyes.



I'm still spinning...

Julie F. says: Having never done something like this before - Suzi was great at working with me to stay comfortable and focused during our session together. Her open heart and easy going nature helped me relax so I could receive the blessings and important information I needed to hear at this time in my life. Our session was 4 days ago - and I don't think I have gone more than 2 hours without reflecting on my experience--one of the most powerful moments in my life. I hope to practice what she taught - and know that I could ask her for guidance should I falter, with no judgement from her.



An Awakening

Teffany I. says: Suzi has a beautiful heart and uses her gifts with a genuine purpose of helping others like myself seeking healing, restoration, spiritual guidance and finding that true doorway that can help direct them to their pre-ordained purpose in life. I didn't feel judged, or unwelcome—I felt inspired, hope and the power of pure and perfect love from the Spirit of God during our session. Suzy taught me the power of gratitude. My strength, hope and understanding have been renewed since meeting with her. Thank God for people like Suzi, who use their spiritual gifts to help others selflessly.


Joy of Release

Amarah M. says: Thank you Suzi for sharing your gifts as a healer/intuitive. I am greatly blessed from our session and feel more can emerge in my life as I bless others with who I am. I'm grateful to have spent time in your presence. You are a gift. Thank you. Much love, Amarah.


Profound Spiritual Healing

Kathy R says: I came to Suzi with questions concerning loved ones and received a profound spiritual healing. I am so grateful and a great weight has been lifted from me. What a gift!



So glad I did it!   

Jeanna V. says: This was my first experience with a psychic / spirit medium, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but Suzi made it very comfortable. I learned so much in the one hour with Suzi! She was amazing, and she knew things that no one could ever know about me. I learned about how my past lives have a current effect on my present life, and now things in my life make more sense. Suzi has a real gift and I am so glad that I found her! I can't say enough good things to even come close to how I feel.


Comforting and Thought Provoking

Jim P says: This was my second session with Suzi. The time spent was comforting and thought provoking. Her insight is amazing! I recommend Suzi without reservation.


Life changing in every way

Jeff M. says: Having never been to a psychic/medium, I didn't really know what to expect. I was completely floored by my session with Suzi. She is truly a being of light who helped direct, comfort, and re-focus my life in one visit. So much of what she said rang true to me, it was simply a magical, healing and comforting experience. If you're thinking about making an appointment, do it! I feel so blessed to have met Suzi, and really felt her looking into my soul. I can't thank her enough for the amazing service she provides, she is truly blessed and gifted.


Life Changing

Mary H. says: I had a profound experience with Suzi and one visit with her has set the tone for the rest of my life. If she came recommended to you, it happened for a reason. Please don't hesitate to meet with her.


Exactly what I Needed to Hear

Gloria M. says: My appointment with Suzi was a sacred experience. I met Spirit through her. She confirmed and validated my deepest path. I am still experiencing the deep healing that she so graciously provided through her channeling. Everything, every single thing she said is exactly what I needed to hear. I am so grateful that I found her. I am so grateful for the direction she provided to help me on my path.



Suzi is...  

Jacqueline L. says: other-worldly special. I am eternally grateful for this new friend and guide. Many, many, many blessings to you Suzi! Love Jacqueline



Seeing clarity----finally

Gina C. says: After years and years of failed relationships, I finally made a decision to make a change. Suzi gave me such hope, I felt a burden had been lifted after leaving my appointment. She is very intuitive and could see right through my soul. Im looking forward to meeting with her again.



Profound and Deeply Helpful

Shera K  says: I really appreciated the connection with Suzi and her abilities to go beyond this universe and bring back gifts & messages to another. It was profound and deeply helpful. She is gifted and shares freely..and it was special to feel her presence and all that she brings to the table. I'm still resonating from the experience 48 hrs. ago. Even though some of what I now fully accept what changes I have to make.. it's not easy..some of what I'm called to do is going to be bitter sweet. Alignment with my true self is at hand and it's the work we are all called to do. Blessed be!



Sparkle In My eyes

Shannon K. says: Suzi, is a phenomenal [person], spiritual running body and mentor. I stepped into her office for the first time and was smiling though the entire session. She helped me get clarity, focus and direction and for the first time in almost 30 years I walked out of her office with a sparkle in my eyes. I finally feel free. Thank you Suzi.




Meredith G. says: I am so grateful to Suzi for helping me release the negative energies that were attached to me, help me become more aware of my somatic information that is available to me if I listen, and for sharing with me the truth about my relationship with my mother. As hard as it was to hear, it was absolutely true and the more I think about it, the more true I know it is. I look forward to working with Suzi to develop my intuitive skills to assist me in the work that I do in my life.




Sherry K. says: I walked into my first session with some doubts in my mind. However I left with none! It was so much more than I had ever expected! I left my first session with such positive energy and insight. I look forward to my next session with Suzi.



Life Changing Experience

Lori B says: You are so warm and wonderful, Suzi -- I value your place in my life. You are helping me to listen and trust my instincts; you are helping me to slow down and listen with my heart; you are so caring about me, my children, and my mother and father -- I am truly blessed to have you in my life. My kids are in awe of your insights, and we all have so much to learn from you. Thank you for helping me experience something so wonderful and miraculous with my father before he passes over. It is truly a life changing experience. As Dad rallies today, he spoke clearly enough for my brother, his wife and Mom to hear! What a blessing for them; but I heard him tell me so much more! Love and Hugs to you! Our Family



Her Insights Helped me Shift my Thinking

Mari S says: I enjoyed a profound experience with Suzi during my first ever psychic session. It was clear from the get go that my intuition in choosing her had proved spot on. Suzi said things to me that resonated at the deepest level of my psyche, things about myself that only I know. The insight she shared so helped me shift my thinking around these aspects of myself, one of which had confounded me for decades. I feel inspired more than ever to continue my present journey to deepen my intuitive abilities and expand my compassionate nature, so I can bring these qualities to bear in healing others. I look forward to more enlightening communication with Suzi in the near future!



First Time - Excellent Choice

Angie L. says: This is my first time meeting Suzi and having a one hour session with her. I was very open and willing to listen to all she had to say. Very enlightening, especially since that evening 2 things happened that she mentioned she was feeling when we met. She gave me some very good insight about myself and what I was capable of putting into balance. I plan to return in the near future for more. I'm not sure she connects with everyone like she did with me, but we definitely connected.




Keri C. says: As soon as I walked in the room with Suzi the session began. Every moment was filled with clarification, insight, and guidance that I so desperately needed. I have the answers to my biggest questions. I also underwent a healing that to this point in my life I couldn't seem to achieve through other avenues. Thank you Suzi!   



Suzi is a gift

Melissa H. says: Words cannot explain how important Suzi was to me at this point in my life. I am more clear about where I am and where I am going. After speaking with Suzi, I felt at peace, I felt light and empowered. Thank you Suzi!



Inspiring and Liberating

Kristen A. says: One of the best choices I made was going to see Suzi. For the first time, I felt sincerely understood by someone. Suzi helped me see how struggles in my past relate to the here and now and that I can overcome them through realizing their origin. She also helped me reaffirm my connection to God. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Suzi and plan on keeping contact with her.



Helped me out

Mike H. says: Suzi helped me to understand what was going on. Pre-cognition, or clair-sentience, she has it covered.





Kay S. says: I was struggling with some big decisions and the direction in which I should go. The moment I sat down with Suzi she dived right in and helped me find the clarity and guidance I so badly need. I felt very stuck and on pause mode, now I know what needs to be done and without her help I would still feel lost. Thank you so much, Suzi!



Ana P. says: 

Suzi was so insightful and caring as always. Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me ensuring that I understood the message and helping to heal me. Many blessings to you!



Getting Answers from the "Other Side"

Kawena says: Suzi is wonderful. I am a psychic and I even thought she was wonderful. So right-on in so many ways.



Everything I was Hoping for and More

Peg T. says: What a phenomonal experience! Suzi was so beautifully open and powerful. I went in seeking answers and came out with profound understanding and healing. Thank you!



Thank you for a Good Session Yesterday

M.S. says: I have recommended you to a friend who is at a crossroads. He is a very positive and creative individual and will call you to make an appointment in the next few days.


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