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Filled my Spirit 

Amona W. says: Suzi is awesome. I was very nervous and anxious. Her energy calmed me down and my son came through. Suzi is AUTHENTIC!!! She is real and caring and I'm so thankful for her. Yesterday was my son's birthday and I could not have gotten a better gift.



First time with Suzi, and Won't be the Last   

Tina L. says: My first session with Suzi was absolutely incredible. She helped me find peace for the first time with issues I've been experiencing as a child. Suzi was kind, compassionate, and very respectful with the information she was channeling to me, and I felt very comfortable with her even though it was our first time meeting. I felt like someone finally understood exactly what I was going through and it relieved so much pressure to know that she knew exactly how I was feeling. I left the session noticably glowing from inner peace and happiness. Thank you, Suzi. I'm blessed to have been able to experience your wonderful gift to the world.


Received Information my Heart needed to Heal

Lynn F. says: My session with Suzi was all that I had hoped for. Never having contacted a psychic to communicate with loved ones who have passed over, I was unsure of what would transpire. Suzi was very clear about the process and her gift is truly amazing and wonderful. I learned a great deal and received information that my heart needed to begin to heal. I am grateful for Suzi's help on my journey thru grief and mourning. While it does not bring my dear one back, I have been comforted by the messages she relayed to me.



Why You Should Meet Suzi

Kara H. says: Suzi, has a truly remarkable gift she has chosen to share with the world and help people find answers, heal, and gain clarity. Too often, people get stuck in everyday life when there is much more to life than meets the eye. I did not expect to hear what Suzi channeled, especially all of the support I had on the spiritual side. I was in a complete trance from the moment I sat down with her, and that night my dreams were out of control. She will open your mind, connect with you, and relay messages that have an empowering effect. It's very hard to wrap my head around a lot of the things that were discussed, as it may be for some of you. But you will find what you are looking for. I promise you that.


Cannot Explain the Weight that has been Lifted

Stephanie J. says: I wanted to stop by and say thank you, from the depths of my soul. I cannot stop thinking about our meeting on Saturday. The messages continue to resonate with an intensity that is beyond my general capacity; and yet, I am entirely comforted and feel safe for the first time in 11 months. I'm am going to make it, even through grief and even through adversities! And I cannot explain the weight that has been lifted in this regard. You have restored something within me and confirmed so much for me.... Things that you would have had no way of possibly knowing. I am so grateful! You, my dear, are a gem; your energy is that of a healer. I will never forget our encounter...I will hold it close forever. Hugs to and always!



Amazing Experience   

Lorie S. says: I went into this expecting nothing. I did not want to ask questions, I just wanted to be able to receive. Suzi was able to give us information that no one knew except us. I felt amazing after I left.



In the Right Direction   

A. B. says: I was referred to Suzi by a friend, I have never seen anyone like Suzi every before. I loved Suzi instantly. She is truly an incredibly wonderful, very special woman. I received healing and direction in our one session, exactly what I went in for.


Angel in Disguise

Lori L. says: I just had my second session with Suzi. WOW! She can see what you are not able to see but can feel in your heart. She brings it out into your awareness so that you can see clearly what is really going on. She has been 100% accurate about everything she has told me. The first session took several months to process. I couldn't wait to go back for my second session. I have been feeling stuck at work, but now I really see the bigger picture of what is really going on and feel rejuvenated to return to the work that I am doing right now. Suzi is an angel in disguise. I'm sure if you could see them, she has incredibly long and fluffy wings! What a blessing it is to have found her. I feel I have found a spiritual guide who can give me the answers and insight to the big questions in life. I am forever grateful and can't wait for my third session!!!!



Meghan G. says: I suddenly lost both my parents and brother just 3 years ago. Without the chance to say goodbye, I needed a connection with them to gain closure. I was blessed to find Suzi and this was my first experience with a spirit medium. I wasn't sure if my family would come to talk with me. Suzi explained how the process works and helped me to feel relaxed and receptive. Suzi was confident and connected with my mother first, then my father, and my brother came in later with a message for me. The healing I received was remarkable and helped me to gain the closure I was seeking. I recommend her to anyone who has blockages in spiritual healing, closure issues, or just need to connect to spirit for life directions. I am truly blessed to have found Suzi – She is a Blessing to all who find her. Thank you Suzi.


Not what I expected 

Catherine M. says: While I went into my visit with an open mind and not having particular expectations, I really really didn't expect to be told I personally was an empath. My session was very emotional and Suzi provided me with a lot of information but we didn't have enough time for me to get ALL of the answers I needed to move forward. I will be scheduling additional sessions to delve deeper into an area in my life where I am blocking, as well as learning more about the empath piece and how to control that so I don't continue to absorb health issues from others around me. I'm grateful to have found Suzi, and at first I wasn't sure whether I was ready to journey down this path of self-discovery (it's not I fear going to be an easy ride!), but I wouldn't have been led to Suzi if this wasn't supposed to be what I'm needing to do right now. I am excited to do more energy work and find out what is in store for me and my future.


Your gift is amazing

Roberta says: Thank you Suzi for the connections made at my appointment. Your gift is amazing I was thrilled to find the support I need is from those who have crossed. I look forward to another reading soon.



A clear direction

Julia S. says: This was my first experience working with a psychic medium. And it was extraordinary. It's taken me a few days just to process what went on. Suzi began not by asking my what my questions were, but rather that she would recieve info, relay it to me, and there was time for questions at the end. So when she began, she had no idea why I was there. Nevertheless, the information she channeled was dead on. It was info I already knew in my heart, but had been lacking outside confirmation for so long I was wracked with doubts. Suzi's clear articulation of what was blocking me was a relief. I had been spinning my wheels for months, but now I am able to charge forward in the work I am meant to do. Thank you!



LIfe Changing  

Wendy W. says: I love Suzie and found her very comfortable to be around. I was amazed and comforted by her. I cant say enough to be perfectly honest. I'm going back. It's life changing.


Unexpected closure   

Michelle B. says: This was my second time to see Suzi. I came for overall clarity. I didnt expect to connect with someone that I never had closure with before he died. Very overwhelming and totally unexpected. I am grateful that she was able to connect with him and receive his message. As in my 1st visit, Suzi brought peace and purpose to me. Thank you.


She's Amazing!!   

Melissa M. says: Suzi is just amazing. In my first visit, I found out a lot about myself. She was able to tell me so much about myself and connect the dots for me. She made me feel at peace with my mind. I was able to have an interaction with a loved one who had passed. She pointed me in the right direction with career advice too. I felt at ease and connected with this wonderful, loving soul. I can't wait for my next appointment with her. It's exciting. If you're having doubts, don't. You won't regret going!!


Hospitable and Cozy

Gail Said:  The environment Suzi has for her & her clients seem very hospitable and cozy so I was able to relax in her presence w/ her nurturing way of comfort. She was quite helpful in many ways - more than in what she says. I thank you Suzi (& Darrah) for your services.




Breathe Easily    

Mark A. says: I had no expectations but just hopes. She helped me with all my areas of concern and I never said a word. She has an amazing gift. I feel reborn and can Breathe much easier with lots of enjoyment. Will be booking second appointment soon.



A Gift        

Melissa M. says: My time with Suzi was a gift...She knew things about me NO ONE could know. She is a kind and gentle soul. Do yourself a favor and realize if you are reading these reviews that you are "exactly where you need to be at this moment" and book an appointment. You will not be disappointed as a matter of fact you will be very blessed. I do hope to meet with Suzi again. She's an angel. Thank you Suzi ...xoxo Melissa



Sandi W. says: amazing! tells you what you need to hear...not necessarily what you want to hear. I felt peace and love after I left Suzi, with my head still spinning! I will be a faithful life client with Suzi. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Suzi is truly a gift from God!


Enlightening and Very Wise   

Ruth V. says: I am always impressed every time in knowing that Suzi is helping to guide me in my continual journey! Keeping me on track of what has been in my head but never really spoken out loud. Beautiful, soulful and feel blessed each time. She sees you and have no doubt that you will not be disappointed! Thank you, thank you, Suzi!


Healing for my family  

JoAnn C. says: I was not sure if we were doing the right thing, let alone if I really truly believed. A couple of ladies I work with have gone to Suzi and others, so that gave me the nudge I needed. My family needed validation and we got it. I believe it was the best thing I could have done for a family member. I believe that now she has some closure and acceptance. I am going back for myself soon. Great experience. Thanks, Suzi.


Unforseen Information

April D. says: Very helpful in the information she has provided. I believe we have been sent to her for a reason. I am looking forward to yet another session with Suzi. Thanks for everything!



Nice help

Mike H. says: Suzi helps me look at the big picture.  



Thank you, Suzi! I feel like myself again.

Anna b. says: My appt with Suzi helped me to see what is really going on in my life. It is helping me make sense of things and move forward in a productive way. Suzi was able to access and share information that helped me to remember who I am and how things are resolving in my life. She has true and beautiul gifts. Thank you! What a blessing!



My broken spirit  

Michiko T. says: Suzi showed me what I could not see. She verified and my scattered thoughts. Her compassion and Understanding the truth are far more than I could see. Thank you so much Suzi.


Lovely session

Michelle H. says: Suzi helped answer a few questions I had and helped me see some things in a new light! I enjoyed our time together Suzi...thanks so much!


Again, just as shocked and amazed!!   

Aaron K. says: I had a 2nd appt with Suzi, and Just as before, I am absolutely shocked, amazed, and feel absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to see her again!.. She is blessed with being able to help each individual out, on soo many levels, with soo many things!!.. Energy work, connecting to your inner self (spirit), Healing, the list goes on and on!! I can not thank her enough for the road/path she has helped me get on!!.. Thank you Suzi, from the whole of my heart, and the center of my being!!


Not what I expected but in a good way!

Michelle K. says: I think I expected to toss a list of questions at Suzi and have my future repeated back to me. Not so as Suzi picked up on the most important concern I had and then ran with it! It was really good because this was an area of concern that needed to be addressed to help me achieve peace. Additionally, she gave me tools to work with. She went beyond the superficial stuff to what really mattered. I am grateful. Thank you Suzi!



Truly Amazing
Rory H. says:
Suzi is truly amazing ! she has answered questions I've been seeking and some I wasn't but was happy to hear. I too will book more sessions in the near future. Thank you Suzi


More than amazing!
Jennifer C. says:
I went to see Suzi because I have always felt different and I was never able to completely feel comfortable in my own skin until she validated what I was feeling. She put my mind, soul and body at ease. I no longer worry or feel overwhelmed. She helped me find my path and gave me the tools I need to navigate my way. I owe her my life, in a manner of speaking and my openness and gratitude freely flows now. Thank you for everything you've given me. I'll see you soon!!


Wow!! all I can say!!!

Aaron K. says: I am just in awe. I have had trouble with all types of issues from bi-polar, anger, and other stuff like such. I am 36 now and have been through conventional types of therapy on and off since I was like 9 or so, and "None" of it has been as eye opening as one session with Suzi! I have never came out of a "conventional" therapy session feeling the way I did when I came out of my session with Suzi! She was able to reach a part of me I had since long thought lost and would never find again. She had touched me in ways I am only at the start (infancy) of learning about. Wow is all I can say... I was/am sooo moved by the experience and the effects she has done by helping me to open the door to my inner self. I very much plan to book more sessions with her. She is Magical with her abilities!!! I just want to say, Thank you. Thank you Suzi for everything you have done, just in a 54 minute period. It has been more awaking, powerful, moving, and Helpful then anything I have done and/or been through in my 35+years of my life so far!!!... Now that You have helped me with the door opening, the real work on/for myself can happen!! Also want to give a shout to my wonderful, loving and caring Wife, for if it wasn't for her, I would not have had this beautiful and wonderful experience in meeting Suzi! Thank you!!!



A Turning Point   

Sandy C. says: At the very moment I found Suzi online, I booked my appointment, I was so excited to visit with her. She was so gentle, human, kind and spot on! It created a huge form of closure for me, and opened a brand new big door for me. I am humbled beyond words and grateful for the time, the lessons and the spiritual guidance. As you know, I have a sort of "sports team" on the other side; I am well watched over :) Many thanks and blessing to you, Suzi.....thank you for the healing in my heart and in my life!


Finding Answers  

David J. says: From feeling comfortable to getting more than you thought possible, it is worth the visit. Without going into the details of the visit, it is hard to put it into words. It is something you have to experience to understand. I am sure that you will feel just as happy and satisfied as I did after visiting.


Powerful and Peaceful   

David K. says: I felt very comfortable with Suzi right away in first meeting her. There was a sense of trust and safety throughout the session. I learned a lot and the work that she did came alive immediately in my life. Thanks Suzi. I will return again for future need of healing assistance.



Healing and Validation 

Tarica K. says: Suzi has a loving and passionate soul. She not only has a gift that is able to heal you internally, but she will also validate the intuitive thoughts and feelings that you are aware of, but may not consciously recognize that is coming from your loved ones. My session with Suzi was very much a memorable expierience. Just like others have said, it is something you cannot explain but must expierience personally. There is a positive energy that resonates within Suzi, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with her. I recommend her to anyone that needs closure from a loved one, spiritual healing, or just needs to be pointed in the right direction of their life. I hope to meet with her again.


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