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the questions.....the answers.....what's more important?

Carl T says: I was drawn to make an appointment with Suzi. I had no expectations or agendas. I just figured that if my heart was telling me to go, there must be a reason. As you are reading my simple review now. You are most likely looking for assurance or an answer to your questions. All I have to say is Suzy found something in me I didn't know was there. After our appointment yesterday I have felt great peace just knowing somethings I had always questioned about myself. Things have revealed themselves to me after the appointment that I couldn't have known about or half way understand without Suzi's guidance. I have already booked a follow up appointment and an looking forward to it very much. She is the real deal. See her, but when you do please do so with an open heart. Thank you Suzi!



Life Changing Sessions

Jeff M says: My 4 sessions with Suzi have taught me more about myself in the last two months than I could learn in a lifetime. She has brought insight, clarity, healing and direction into my life at a time when I felt lost. She is truly blessed, and I will continue to reach out to her when needed for guidance and clarity. I continue to read my notes about the messages she's given me, and it's been a true blessing in my life to work with her. Thank you Suzi- and God bless you!



The Real Deal - Thanks

Laurie S says: It's been less than a week so I am still watching my understandings of my reading unfold. And they are. I am so grateful. Thanks for pointing the way, Suzi!



Walking a Little Lighter

Meg g saysI went in with no expectations but with an open ear. I felt at peace instantly and Suzi made my walls come down quickly. I felt like she truly knew what I needed to hear. I left feeling lighter, loved, and with a greater sense of the world. I plan on returning and I want to continue this healing journey.



Finally Sleeping

Angela B says: Suzi was great. She brought spirits to me that understood who I am and why I am. I walked away feeling like my soul was loved which has given me some relief.



Wonderful Experience

Alison S says: Through a phone appointment, my passed grandfathers communicated with Suzi to help her guide me through what was happening in my life, which she picked up before I ever said a word. It was beautiful to hear their advice and know that their love and support was really out there. She also intuited my less-than-conscious feelings and the feelings of others in my life to help me know who to trust. I was nervous about what to expect, and incredibly emotional, but her kindness and lightness made the experience so lovely. Thank you, and I'm sure I'll be back someday!



Thank You

Anna P says: Amazing and insightful as always. Thank you.



Lorena P says: My experience was fantastic! I feel like I have known, Suzi, my entire life, I was so comfortable with her. To say she put things in perspective, would be an understatement. I will be seeing her again. Much Love to the Divine for, Suzi.
Be ready to be receive a gift of a lifetime...
Denise B says: This was my second visit in 8 months with Suzi. Once in September at the beginning of my youngest childs senior year of high school, and last week at the end, and now this transition to both his and my new life journey. Suzi was a precious and compassionate angle as she guided me through some growing pains I was having and explained so much about why I am who I am (and my son too!) that I feel so lifted up and have a totally new perspective. Everything she shared with me (remember, we only met once before) made such jaw-dropping sense, but never was awakened in my conscious about it. Also, we had an amazing time picking up one of my "Subconscious Suitcases" and rummaging through it. Thank you SO much Suzi! I can't wait until I can come and see you again. Love you!


She explained everything
Mike H says: I highly recommend talking to Suzi if you are having any problems.


Eye- opening

Courtney W says: I don't have many words, but I must say Suzi is incredible. My experience with her was beautiful, emotional and insightful. I feel very... at peace.

There are not words for my experience....
Ginger R says: Spirit brought Suzi to my attention. I tried really hardnot to have any expectations, which is harder said than done. For two days after my appointment I did not have words about my experience. Poeple would ask what I thought....all I could say was "amazing". That one hour changed my life....really, just the way I look at things. I am very greatful to spirit....and Suzi. Still is amazing....


First time with a medium - So grateful and will return for sure.

Kat G says: I happened to find her online and had not read all the fantastic reviews beforehand and did not expect to have such a great, healing and touching session. (I was probably led to her though.) She knew what I was going through without my sharing it with her. I am grateful to have the confirmation that my loved one is happy (although we have received many messages that she is). My husband who is(was) a non-believer of afterlife was blown away and so touched by the messages he received. He did not attend this session but I'd like to go back with him next time. Many thanks to Suzi! She was caring, gentle and compassionate. She is very good and I'm grateful for the experience I had. I highly recommend her.



SOS Answered

Susanna A says: I am truly glad that I went to see Suzi. I'd been see-sawing back and forth about seeing a medium. I kept seeing more and more things about mediums, etc. and I finally thought "okay I'll take a chance and do it." I was very, very surprised and learned a lot. I feel better too. I would definitely like to return. I have more questions! Thank you Suzi and thank you Spirit for answering my cry for help.



Returning very soon

Alissa says:

first experience I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me I will be recommending people to go see her I plan on returning very soon.. Thank you so much for everything!!




Heather B. says: This was my first experience with a medium and Suzi was amazing. She was right on everything and so much came through that I never expected. It was such a wonderful experience and extremely fascinating.




Cathy C. says: First experience amazing that Suzi with Spirit addressed two specific concerns I have within the first five minutes without a word from me. Then several more as we continued. Responses were accurate from both sides of family as I knew them.




Kendle B. says: Suzi is a gentle soul who brought forth information that I truly wasn't expecting. The hour flew by and I was filled with communication that allowed me to break through some of the barriers I have been experiencing. It is difficult to find the words, because it is truly an otherworldly experience but I can say I feel blessed, grateful, assured and loved from my time with her. Thank you!2/19/2014


Can't wait to see her again!!!   

Tristan L. says: Last night was one of the most incredible moments in my life. I went into the session with zero expectations and allowed Suzi to just flow with it. I was able to communicate with my grandfather and a major healing took place. Suzi interpreted things that confirmed this was indeed very real, since it was so many things she would have no earthly clue about. I only cry when things truly impact me....last night I had to grab a tissue. I left with such a peace. I came home, dug out an old photo of my grandfather, put it in a frame and displayed it. I forgave him and now know he is watching out for me, my son I lost, and my future daughter that is waiting for me. There is no way I could not go back to Suzi. She has such a special gift and her energy is so gentle and loving. She even had tears in her eyes when she was interpreting. It was so very beautiful...the entire experience.



Spot On

Dave. says: I've seen Susie twice and she has been spot on both times. She has been wonderful in helping me understand what is happening in my life. It hasn't been easy to hear everything she had to tell me but that doesn't make it any less important. Love Suzi and I will be seeing her again soon.



Becoming Whole Again   

Michelle A. says: There are no words to truly describe how grateful I am for Suzi's help. I was at the end of my rope. I have been to many people for help and they seemed to be missing the spiritual side that Suzi offers. My life is becoming whole again and I am able to be a better person not only to myself but to the people around me. You have saved my life and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you!



 Guided me to be Free    

Jodi N. says: Still lost I am and not sure of my purpose, but the gift that Suzi gave me was wonderful. A wall was built within my soul and I tried many avenues to knock it down, but everything failed. When I went to see Suzi I was hoping to be welcomed by all the recent loved ones that have passed, but instead it was a man of sternness and my protector (I guess) but the gift to me was the guilt of his own that was lifted from my soul so I can be free, but with that comes a sense of loss. Suzi was so gentle with and helped guide me to be free. I will be seeing her again.



Help from Beyond   

Coleen S. says: I made an appointment for my friend who lost his wife and wanted to hear from her. Well she did come through and it helped him a lot. Thanks Suzi


After each session you will receive an email where you can feel free to review your session. Leaving feedback helps others  gain a better understanding of how it all works.

I thank you all for the wonderful Testimonials!

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